AM"MBT should come clean in this metatr." I admire your optimism.I think housing or whatever issue for that metatr will be a non-issue come election. Why? Because majority of the voters are just like Clover, the carthorse, in Animal Farm. Characteristtic of Clover - Unquestioningly loyal to the rebellion, though even she has doubts at times. Below is an abstraction from the Animal Farm which summed up the mentality of the majority of the voters in Singapore."..... An assembly of all the animals in the yard is now called. Napoleon, who now rarely leaves the farmhouse, and is never without his escort of dogs, stands before them. At a signal, the dogs charge into the crowd and drag four of the more troublesome pigs before Napoleon. At the same time, three of the dogs attach Boxer. Boxer easily fends them off. The miserable pigs are forced to confess to having been in league with Snowball, and are murdered on the spot by the dogs. Other animals come forward to confess various crimes against the farm, and each in turn is slaughtered. These are the first killings of other animals since the rebellion. The animals creep away from the meeting. Boxer, in trying to understand why this has happened, resolves that the only possible solution is to work harder. Clover, not as strong but more intelligent, has deep misgivings about what she has seen, but she cannot put them into words. She remains faithful to Napoleon, but deep down she knows that this state of affairs was not what they fought for in the rebellion....."Merlion