Goh Meng Seng of the NSP has been campaigning for HDB hsuiong reform. The following is a summary of what he is trying to say:1) Under the current system, first time HDB home owners have to pay a very high price because HDB flats are priced based on the price of resale HDB flats. 2) HDB flats should be priced based on the cost it takes to build them rather than the price of resale HDB flats.This simple message has been twisted by the PAP Internet Brigade into 1) Goh Meng Seng wants to collapse the price of HDB flatsLogically, this cannot happen. This is because to buy a flat from the HDB, you have to fulfill1) Citizenship/Ownership requirements2) Family nucleus requirements3) Occupancy requirements which prevent first time buyers from immediately selling their flats in the resale marketGoh Meng Seng also talks about the idea of using your HDB flat to finance your retirement. This is a BAD IDEA because1) The price of resale HDB flats can fall.2) Other than selling the HDB flat, there are no other means on monetizing it. Previous attempts to monetize HDB flats via reverse mortgages failed.Hence unless you have second property or are planning to emigrate from Singapore, it would be foolish to rely on your HDB flat as a means of providing for your retirement. Unfortunately many Singaporeans are FORCED to do so because they have spent ALL of their earnings on their HDB flat.A vote for Mr Mah would therefore mean a CONTINUATION of the current policy of INFLATED prices for flats bought DIRECTLY from the HDB.A vote for Goh Meng Seng would mean HDB policy REFORM so that you pay based on the COST of building the HDB flat.