07, 2010 3:57 PMIf I remember ctolecrry, this example you gave was what Mr Tan mentioned some time back, during the time of the 50s/ 60s, when civil servants are allowed to only purchase flats priced below 5 times their annual salaries. This is a good idea.My opinion is, key thing is to educate people to be contented with the very first flat they purchase in their names, i.e usually the matrimonial flat. However, it seems even young people nowadays are so locked into making money out of their flats that nothing else matters. I am of the view that the primary housing should NEVER EVER be treated as an INVESTMENT. The roof over one's head must never be speculated! It is afterall a basic need.Assuming if everyone goes by the ideal mindset that they stay in their first flat thoughout their lives and servicing a mortgage rate of 2.6% for 30 years, there will never be a "bubble" like what is seen recently. And when the personal or family finances stabilizes, then a second or third property can be bought as an investment.