Though I agree current price of HDB are high, I do not wish to see percis of HDB stagnant or depreciate. Should there be no investment value in a HDB, I would rent and invest in other financial products but the risk cannot be easily controlled, from my own experience. Social problems may occur. The price of HDB is more real for young couples just starting out. Existing HDB owners have no reasons to complain. For new couples, HDB may 1.reprice new HDB based on on median price of brand new HDB of past 5 years in the area. 2.more grant 3. More units allocated to first time buyers in the; SERs residents may free up units in mature estate should they be allowed to choose to stay in a different or less expensive estate. Normally, SERs residents are seniors and may wish pay less but still keep a house instead of resell their SERs chance to investors.4.HDB may allocate 3 selections dates consecutively at any one mail. One date for one estate. THe buyer will weigh their chances against their estates. This will have less wait time and more planning in advance. THe last anxiety a young couple should feel is not in control and no options. First time buyers may want note that first home always not perfect so there will be room for improvement!Hope first time buyers have more luck!